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Non-public Elementary School named Marshal Jozef Pilsudski in Orszymowo

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Zuzanna Niemirowska
Координатор ОАШ: 
Beata Kacprzak, Ilona Konopka
09-460, Orszymowo 53
(24) 231-42-21
(24) 231-42-21
We are from Poland. Our school is located in small village Orszymowo. It is located in central Poland. Our school is a small, rural school. As non-public school we are acting since September 2012. This school is conduct by an association of rural development and the surrounding area named Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju Wsi Orszymowo i okolic. We want to make our school a cultural center of the local community and place of intergenerational education for children and adults.
Количество учеников: 
41 students
Тип громади: 
Village community
The purpose of the philosophy of our school is to stimulate the interaction of participants of the community school (students, parents, teachers and local community) movement for joining forces, collaboration and exchange of experience. We want to become our school a cultural center of the countryside, a meeting place for children, young people, the elderly. Our main assumption is to exchange experience between generations. We organize additional classes during students teach practical skills to elders and the elders teach practical skills to students. Furthermore we want to teach our children helping the elderly and socially excluded people that these people feel needed in local community.

At present we realize the project of Community Schools and organize events for the local community such as: a family picnic, the Day Grandmother and Grandfather, Independence Day, a meeting with Santa Claus, Christmas Eve meeting, Women’s Day, St. Andrew's, carnival party. We also promote ecological activities such as collection of waste paper, battery, electronic equipment.


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